Our Beginnings

How the KLD Foundation was formed

In 2009, the wife, mother, sister, and sister-in-law of some of our board members, Karen Lee Dubea (KLD) began noticing that things were not quite right. It was becoming difficult to learn new things at work, and to a lesser extent, do the things she had been doing for years. The tipping point occurred when Karen went to the gym in downtown Lafayette as was her routine, and after parking in the garage was unable to find the door to the gym. Shortly thereafter, a 2 year process of doctor visits began. A diagnosis was delayed due to one of the doctors ordering a psychological examination, which is standard protocol. To Karen, this didn’t seem necessary (“I’m not crazy, just forgetful”) and she put it off until early 2011. Results of their tests indicated significant impairment and a neurologist began testing. After much blood work, Cat scans, PET scans, a lumbar puncture for genetic testing, and mental status testing, a diagnosis was given in November 2011. Just a few days before Thanksgiving – Karen and her family received the news: at the age of 48, she had early onset Alzheimer’s. Needless to say, Karen, her family, and friends were shocked.

In some ways, that is when this foundation unofficially began.

In the years since, friends and family of Karen have raised money all across the country to battle this horrible disease through Alzheimer’s Association walks, bake sales, a gun raffle, and restaurant percent of sales events. These are all worthy causes that we will continue to support. We found in 2012, while trying to organize a golf fundraiser, that it can be difficult to raise funds for the Alzheimer’s Association if the event isn’t one of their regularly sponsored fundraisers. The Alzheimer’s Association is very protective of their name and reputation, and rightfully so. The golf event was shelved and we continued to raise funds through various Alzheimer's Association events. But the need to do more remained.

When Karen and her husband decided to attend the Lafayette, IN Walk to End Alzheimer’s with friends and family from all over the country, conversations began. It was agreed upon that more could be done on that day than just the walk. A dinner was planned and as the dreams for the event grew, it was obvious that the time to start a Charitable Foundation was now. And The KLD Foundation was born.

The KLD Foundation was incorporated in the state of Indiana as a Non-Profit Domestic Corporation on April 4, 2016. The KLD Foundation has been granted 501(c)3 non-profit charitable organization status by the Internal Revenue Service.

In our first two years of existence, the KLD Foundation has raised and invested over $50,000 in Alzheimer’s awareness, care, and research!  

Please join us in our fund raising efforts as we strive to Make Alzheimer’s a Memory.

Our Mission

Who we support and why

Our mission is to make Alzheimer's a thing of the past - A Memory

The KLD Foundation is battling this disease by raising and dispersing funds to be used for Research, Awareness, and Care.

To promote Alzheimer's Research, the KLD Foundation will invest in the Alzheimer’s Drug Discovery Foundation. The ADDF has a rigorous selection and vetting process to determine which studies are most likely effective and beneficial. Through April 2016 the ADDF has invested over $1.6 million in Alzheimer’s research. 100% of funds given to the ADDF are used for research, as the family of Estee Lauder covers all overhead expenses. The ADDF has helped fund over 20% of all Alzheimer’s trial studies that are being performed today. For these reasons, and many others that can be found on their website, www.alzdisovery.org, the KLD Foundation is investing its research funds into the Alzheimer’s Drug Discovery Foundation in 2017.

To promote Alzheimer’s Awareness, the KLD Foundation will provide each attendee to our September 30, 2017 dinner two Alzheimer’s Awareness Bracelets. One of these will be for the attendee to wear. The other will be for the attendee to give to another person in their community. These bracelets will include our web address where additional information and links may be found. These awareness bracelets will also be available for purchase on this website later this fall, making them a great way to spread awareness throughout the year.

To promote Alzheimer’s Care, the KLD Foundation will invest in a local provider of care services. We recognize that Alzheimer’s not only affects the patient, it also affects the family and friends of those diagnosed. Many families are left with few options as the disease progresses, and the diagnosed cannot be left alone. In 2013, a family from the Lafayette area recognized this issue as their mother was suffering from Alzheimer’s. They began researching options, and undertook the project of launching the first adult day care in the Lafayette, IN area. At Joyful Journey, caregivers may drop loved ones off in the morning and pick them up in the evening. Joyful Journey offers full time and part time services. The ‘friends’ - as each person who enters Joyful Journey is referred to as - are served lunch, and given the opportunity to play games, musical instruments, read, and enjoy life in a safe, protected environment. This also gives the caregivers peace of mind while they carry on their day at work, running errands, or taking a breather. This very worthy local organization will receive the KLD Foundation’s care contribution for 2017!

P.O. Box 4185
Lafayette, IN 47903